How I passed the CKA certification in 100 days

After studying for about 100 days, I took the exam and passed with a very good score. Here I will write down everything that helped me pass the exam.

1.1 Docker

Kubernetes is an orchestration tool for containers, so you should know what a container is.

  1. To check if I had the necessary knowledge about Docker, I watched the following video.

Docker Tutorial for Beginners [FULL COURSE in 3 Hours] - YouTube

  1. There is also a newer, shorter version available.

Docker Crash Course for Absolute Beginners [NEW] - YouTube

  1. Feel free to watch another Docker tutorial from your favorite content creator.

1.2 Kubernetes course

For a paid course, I highly recommend Mumshad Mannambeth's Udemy course. The standard price is $140, but there are several discounts throughout the year. I got mine for $16. You can find it here. Thanks Mario for the recommendation!

1.3 Kubernetes exam

The official exam can be purchased here. It costs $395. I purchased the larger package for $595 with the Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258). In my opinion, you don't need it. You also don't have to buy the exam before you start learning. There are also several discounts on Black Friday, etc. It pays to wait. But if you have been studying for 80 days and there is no discount in sight, just buy it.

1.4 How I learned

1.4.1 First step

Before I started studying for the exam, I already had some experience with Kubernetes as I tried to solve several tickets for our Rancher Kubernetes cluster.

I also recommend using Kubernetes outside of the course to get a feel for the real world.

1.4.2 Second step

Mumshad Mannambeth's Udemy course gives you access to their own hands-on lab called KodeKloud.

Please create an account there with the SAME email you used on Udemy. Then click on "Enroll in this Course" on their CKA course page. It should give you a 100% discount.

Then you can go back to the Udemy course. After each topic, there is an external link to KodeKloud where you can test what you learned in the hands-on lab.

Really cool. You don't have to set up your own infrastructure.

1.4.3 Third step

After I finished the course, I took one of the free exam simulations on My first score was really low because it was a completely new environment for me.

Remember, you can retake the test exam as many times as you want within 36 hours. After the time was up, I tried to solve every omitted question. After that, I looked at the solutions for each answer.

They are really comprehensive. It's worth reading them a few times.

1.4.4 Fourth step

After a little break, I practiced every topic that wasn't 100% clear to me. After a week, I tried the second exam simulator session. Exactly two days before my exam.

This time I restarted the session to retest my score. Time is the key. The only way to get faster is to practice more.

Practice how to read the official documentation because you are allowed to use it. It's your best friend.

Get fast in the shell. Try to leave the terminal as little as possible. The kubectl explain or --help commands are really powerful.


  • alias k=kubectl


  • export do="--dry-run=client -o yaml"

  • export now="--grace-period 0 --force"

1.4.5 Fifth step

Pre-exam day! I moved almost everything from my room to the living room, so I wouldn't break the exam rules.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Then it's time to read the "Linux Foundation Global Certification and Confidentiality Agreement".

The link is also on the dashboard where you can register for the exam day. Please also read the "Get Candidate Handbook" and "Read the Important Instructions".

I highly recommend taking a look at KodeKloud's Community FAQ, as the Linux Foundation guidelines can sometimes be difficult to understand.

I can also recommend the following Reddit post: How I passed CKA, CKAD and CKS in 3 weeks.

What I don't recommend is reading comments from people complaining about the exam. That will not help you. It's also not necessary to read multiple articles like mine here.

1.4.6 Sixth step

Exam day! I have looked at the exam regulations again for the last time. You can start the check-in 30 minutes prior to the exam, take advantage of that.

It may happen that not everything works on the first try. Just stay calm, nothing will happen. Try to enjoy the exam.

Last step, PASS!